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As foreigners whether students or employed, accommodation is one of the most important aspect of your stay in Prague whether long/short term. 

The rent is usually payed in Czech Crowns (Kč/CZK) rather than Euros. In 99% of cases.

Apartments are categorized accordingly: 1+kk (meaning 1 room + kitchenette), 1+1 (1 room + kitchen), 2+kk (2 rooms + kitchenette), 2+1 (2 rooms + kitchen) etc. 

If you visit Prague for a couple of days/weeks possibly 1/2 months then it is most recommended to stay at a Hotel or Hostel.

For students that will attend public universities during their exchange will have it possible to register and live in a dormitory. Dormitories are a great way to exchange cultural experiences and are usually the cheapest accommodation you may get. On the other hand dormitories in the Czech Republic are more than 40 years old, furnishing is still the same since 40 years ago, there were also many cases of poor to awful conditions of the rooms. You might also be forced to stay with up to as 4-6 people per room which may become very unpleasant.

If you are coming for an internship/ one semester as an exchange student we may already recommend to find an apartment. The problem is most property owners/ real estate agents will not rent you an apartment for such a short period. The standard contract length of an apartment rental in Czech Republic is 1 year. Yes, some owners will allow but this is a minority, flats for rent for such a short period are very, very difficult to find. In other cases you may find beautiful apartments which are possible to rent for only 2-3 months, however these are apartments with a different price strategy where the rent is usually twice greater than a standard rent price. For example a 2 room apartment that will be rented for 15,000 CZK. Will be for 30,000 CZK. Student Flats agency provides numerous apartments where this 'shorter term' rent is possible.

For students coming for a whole year, it might be simple to negotiate with owners/ agents. A contract for 10 months is more pleasing than a contract for 4/5 months (1 semester length). Therefore it might be possible to negotiate for such a contract length.

For students/ employed who plan to live in Prague for 1 year or longer, it will be comfortable to choose among practically all apartments.

Be aware however of the fact that renting any apartment from a regular Real Estate company/ agent will cost you a commission of 1 months full rent. For example, renting a 25,000 CZK apartment, at the contract signature you will be forced to pay a deposit, 1st months rent, and commission to the agency. In this situation it would be 75,000 CZK. Also be very careful to rent an apartment straight through an owner. The owner might want to force you to register utility bills such as electricity, internet, gas on your name which is difficult for a foreigner. You might also have experience trouble with communication since English speakers in Czech Republic are not a certain case. 

Here are various simple tips that we recommend every incoming foreigner to follow when searching for accommodation:

  • Do not go to a viewing alone
  • Do not pay anything before you have everything in writing
  • Always ask for a payment receipt
  • A rent that is too low for the location or type of housing as well as unrecognizable pictures of the location may indicate fraudulent practices
  • Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers 

Student Flats agency guarantees reliable service. If you do not wish to make use of our agency, then please be aware that there may be unreliable landlords and room agencies. Unfortunately, also in Prague there are reports of students that have been misled.

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