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Prague's public transportation system is one of the best in Europe and the whole world.

The fastest way to transport yourself around Prague is using the underground subway 'Metro' system, trams & buses.

Here is an overview the Metro lines.


Click HERE to view the full map of Metro system & trams.

It is important to note that the metro during the night (from 12' midnight) is closed. It is best to use night trams and buses.

Click HERE to view a full map of night trams & buses.


For your safety and preventing yourself from being overcharged for a taxi ride in Prague, we reccomend you to use service of only market cars and with drivers that display there license.


If unsure about transport, it is easiest to find your way on the website: allows you to search a suitable route with the use of public transportation in Prague, the Czech Republic and international routes too.

For transportation around other Czech cities and towns, it is possible to use bus & train service.

For traveling within Czech Republic and across international borders we recommend you to take the best transportation service company.

Student Agency - modern buses & trains, guaranteed best comfort and quality of service for the best price.

This is a basic map of Prague showing all its districts and areas.


Prague 1   This is the direct center of the city. Composed of areas Staré Město, Nové Město, Josefov and Malá Strana. Most clubs and historic districts are located in this area. Václavské Náměstí and Old Town square are located in Prague 1. Generally highest prices for flat rent Prague.

Prague 2   One of the most desired and valued areas for living in Prague. It is very near the direct city center nevertheless not as busy. Since there are no historic districts in Prague 2, it is not crowded with tourists therefore very comfortable. Flat prices also relatively high.

Prague 3   It is on the north north east of Prague 1 and 2, district is also very close to direct city center. Great especially for its great location in relation to center city. There are a few clubs and many pubs in this area, has a few parks too. Prices are generally affordable and average, but may be higher close to center city.

Prague 4    Composed from areas of Nusle, Michle, Podolí, Braník, Krč. Around 15-25 minutes away from city center, there is vast greenery and forests. Buses and metro connect this area from city center. Rent is relatively low and very affordable.

Prague 5   One of the larger areas in Prague, is composed of various areas; Smíchov, Stodůlky, Jinonice, Hůrka, Lužiny, Luka. All areas are well connected with public transport (all areas on Metro yellow line B) but also with many bus and tram lines. Area also contains a few parks and greenery, around 10-20 minutes away from center city. Prices are average and affordable.

Prague 6    Prague 6 a the largest area in Prague located in the North-West of Prague. There is vast greenery, very pleasant location to live in. Close to airport (10 minutes), is around 10-20 minutes away from city center, connected with trams, buses and metro lines (green A line). Rent prices are average and afforable but may vary with location to location.

Prague 7    The area of Holešovice, around 10-20 minutes ride from city center. Area is being renovated and becoming increasingly popular. In the area are various most popular clubs in the city, public transport is very well accessible in the area with Metro (red line C), trams and buses. Prices are affordable in this area.

Prague 8   Composed of area; Karlín, Kobylisy. Area around 15-20 minutes away from city center, has various parks and greenery, rather quiet part of Prague. Connected with buses and metro (lines B&C) Prices are affordable in this area and relatively low.

Prague 9    Composed of Vysočany, Prosek, Střížkov, Hloubětín and Hrdlořezy. Around 15-25 minutes away from city center, has a vast greenery and forests, depending on the exact area. Prices are affordable and relatively low.

Prague 10    Composed of Vršovice, Strašnice, Malešice. 15-20 minutes ride away from city center, very good public transportation accessibility (tram metro and bus) Close to MUP University, relatively cheap and affordable rent prices.


 Note: Prague is a relatively small city, and even the suburbs and outer parts of Prague are approximately 30 minutes from city center.


Transportation from Prague Aiport


It is recommended to take only marked and approved taxi service, possibly the ones parked next to the airport terminal.

Unmarked taxis might try to charge you a higher price. This ride may become very expensive, usually high above normal price fees. (up to 700 CZK/ 30€ ride to city center.)

Public transportation

If you prefer to use public transportation, it is possible to take buses no. 100 to Zličín (Metro B Line), 206 to Dejvická (Metro A Line).

You may check your upcoming buses at:

Buses usually come around every 20 minutes.

The current price of a 30 minute ticket costs 24 CZK (1€), a 90 minute ticket costs 32 CZK (1.3€).

Prague's airport 'Letiště Václava Havla' is located in the north west of Prague, a 30 minute ride by car/public transport from the city center.


For more info, about other departing and arriving flights, here is the official website of Prague's airport:

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