About Us

Student Flats.cz is an accommodation provider and real estate agency since 2010.

Since 2013 we allow users to post their own properties and assist them with finding new tenants and flatmates.

We are the most developed real-estate agency for students in Prague.

We offer flat renting for a shorter period (from 1-3 months during the summer time, 1-2 semester long accommodation) as well as rental for a regular long term contract (1 year contract apartment rent), flat share offers as well a offers of properties for sale.

Student Flats guarantees reliable service. If you do not wish to make use of our agency, then please be aware that there may be unreliable landlords and room agencies. Unfortunately, also in Prague there are reports of students that have been misled.

Student Flats agency charges general one time agency commission which is a flexible commission depending on the property, and your length of stay.

Please take the following into account when searching for accommodation:

  • Do not go to viewing alone if you have doubts about the landlord/agent.
  • Do not pay anything before you have everything in writing (receipt for payment).
  • Always ask for a payment receipt.
  • A rent that is too low for the location or type of housing as well as unrecognizable pictures of the location may indicate fraudulent practices.
  • Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers. 

 General advice: If you try to find housing on your own, please make sure to do this through official websites or real-estate firms that you can trace, nevertheless real-estate agencies in Czech Republic generally charge a fixed commission of 1 month's rent in general! Most real-estate firms also offer only flats available for long term rent (1 year contract minimum). With taking such an offer you risk losing your deposit which is another 1 month cost.

Our agency is aimed at helping:

  • Students in Prague
  • Working foreigners & foreigners on internships
  • Erasmus students
  • Language course students
  • Public & private Czech university students

What we offer:

  • Short & long term rent
  • Flat and flat sharing offers
  • Sale of property
  • Work of a top-quality real-estate firm for a regular price fraction
  • Full service, consultation, and contract preparation
  • Best prices of flats
  • Flats in near Prague city center


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